New way to Deqing by Hangzhou metro in 2026
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-05-25 17:33   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

Hangzhou-Deqing Inter-city Railway [Drawn by Gao Wei]

On May 23, the new progress has been made in the construction of Hangzhou-Deqing (Huzhou) Inter-city Railway. The main structures of six stations along the railway have been completed. The railway project would enter the construction stage of the underground shield tunnel zone.

From south to north, the railway passes through Renhebei Station, Bazi Bridge Station, Xiazhu Lake Station, Geographic Information Town Station, Mogan Mountain Hi-tech Zone Station, Qianqiu Square Station, Sports Center Station, ZJUT Station, and Deqing High-speed Rail Station. According to the plan, Hangzhou-Deqing Inter-city Railway will be completed by 2026. 

The section from Renhebei Station (exclusive) to Renhenan Station (north extension of Line 10) is included in Hangzhou Metro Line 10 Project (Phase III). This means that, Hangzhou-Deqing Inter-city Railway would be connected to Hangzhou Metro Line 10 at Renhenan Station, and the citizens can take the metro directly to the high-speed rail station after the completion.

Author: Text by Ye Lijiao, Drawn by Gao Wei  Editor: Ye Lijiao