Cross-cultural communications can be fun and tearjerking
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A group photo of the 3rd International Culture Festival of Hangzhou Normal University.


Russian students performed traditional dance during the festival.


The 3rd International Culture Festival of Hangzhou Normal University was held on May 17, with over 100 international students from more than 20 countries sharing their dances, delicacies, and traditional clothing. Let's have a look at how some of the students recorded their experiences.

Konovlenko Polina (Russia)

I represented Russia at the international cultural festival. I and other students from Russia approached to this event very responsibly: we decorated the booth of our country in advance and prepared everything for the meeting of foreign guests.

Students and teachers were keenly interested in Russian culture and ate our national dish—blini. At the same time, we treated them with fruit compote, Russian sweets and taught them Russian proverbs.

Kristiono Anthea Shifra


The Festival was fun, heart-warming, and tearjerking in a way. At one moment I felt that everything was happening in slow motion (dramatic, I know), but the idea of everyone being there, showing their country's specialty by dancing, singing, cooking what they usually get in their countries, while dressing up in their traditional apparels, dancing, taking photos and videos with each other was just unreal but fascinating.

We finally took a photo and video of our class after 3 years of knowing each other. It really was a memorable day for everyone, I believe, trying out new food, traditions, and games from other countries.

Lebogang Hermix Lame


I got to experience and learn more about culture from around the world. As a volunteer I got to help different people from different cultures which made me happy to know that everyone was proud and happy about their cultures and got to see the different types of food they were offering, which looked very nice.

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao