On-site live streaming fuels sales of West Lake Longjing Tea
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-03-15 17:07   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

Live streamers were selling tea on the site. 

Since Longjing Tea Plantation officially started tea plucking, the tea village has been bustling with tea farmers and tea pickers, as well as a team of over 20 live streaming sellers from other provinces. 

By presenting the process of tea roasting and tea making to the audiences, the live streamers reassured the consumers about the tea quality, and the live streaming sales repeatedly surged to new highs.

The prestigious West Lake Longjing Tea used to be sold via offline channels. Previously, the household spring tea sales volume was about 500 catties. Now, through on-site live streaming, the online order alone reaches more than 1,000 catties, said Jia Wei, a tea farmer. 

Non-local sales team further improved one-stop service, including on-site live streaming sales, product display, packing and delivery. Relevant local departments also provided online training for tea farmers and encouraged them to expand sales channels through live streaming and other novel sales modes. The green leaves of West Lake Longjing Tea Plantation have gradually become a shortcut to common prosperity for people. 

Author: Text by Ye Lijiao  Editor: Ye Lijiao