Hangzhou's 1st marathon in 2023 to kick off in Lin'an
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-02-14 17:36   Source: hangzhou2022.cn

Hangzhou Half Marathon, the first marathon race in Hangzhou in 2023, will kick off in Lin'an on March 26, which will mark the most passionate occasion and the most beautiful spring day for all citizens. 

Hangzhou will stage the Asian Games in 2023. As the competition venue for taekwondo and wresting events, Lin'an will play a leading role in evoking people's passion for bodybuilding. With a total track length of 21.0975 km, the half marathon race will be joined by 3,000 half-marathon runners (21.0975 km), 1,000 health runners (7 km) and 1,000 family runners (2 km). 

Time for Sign-up: From 10:00 am on February 13 to 6:00 pm on February 24, 2023 

Sign-up Method: Via the applet showed in the article released by WeChat Account "Lin'an Release" on February 13

Author: Li Jiameng  Editor: Li Jiameng