Zhejiang Exhibition Hall on Hangzhou's central axis refreshed
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-02-14 17:05   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

Zhejiang Exhibition Hall, the first comprehensive professional exhibition hall in Zhejiang, has been known as "Red Sun Exhibition Hall" by old-timers.

Recently, Zhejiang Exhibition Hall has completed facade lighting work. Mainly featured by warm white light, the night lighting highlights axial symmetry with smart lighting facilities to control the color temperature and the shade of the light. There are three modes of night lighting available, namely, basic, themed and performance modes. 

Zhejiang Exhibition Hall is situated in a busy business district on the urban central axis of Hangzhou. After improvement, the brightness of the lighting is gradually increased from the periphery towards the center of the plaza, highlighting the central position and sense of order of the exhibition hall. After renovation, the exhibition hall looks like a rising red sun that not only improves the night scene, but also brings coziness to the atmosphere. 

Author: Li Jiameng  Editor: Li Jiameng