16th Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo will be held soon
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-12-20 16:36   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

The 16th Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (CCIE) will be opened in Hangzhou International Expo Center on December 30. CCIE will be held both online and offline and will combine exhibition with forum to display the latest achievements of cultural industry as well as the high-quality cultural & creative products from famous domestic and overseas enterprises and brands.  

This year’s CCIE will be better and smarter than previous sessions in both contents and forms of exhibition. The exhibits include more than 350 international brands from approximately 40 countries and regions, such as France, Italy, UK and Switzerland. The online venue will create “Song Culture on Cloud” platform based on the metaverse concept for the first time to provide immersive experience for digital cultural consumption. 

In addition, CCIE will present the exhibition by themed sections to make audiences participate in interactive experiences and activities. The “Belt and Road” Original Visual Cultural & Creative Achievements Exhibition, Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum, and “Song Streets in Poems” sections bring extraordinary cultural experiences to viewers. The digital & intelligent cultural sector also provides VTuber, 3D rendering, AI drawing and other future living scenes. 

Author: Text by Ye Lijiao  Editor: Ye Lijiao