Xiaoshan District builds the diversified elderly service system
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-22 17:58   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

With 312,800 senior citizens, Xiaoshan District is exploring an elderly care system that is featured by the coordination of household services and community care and the integration of medical care and heath care to bring a better life for seniors. 

The service system focuses on bedside, household and community services for senior citizens and aims to provide more precise elderly care services through digital cloud. 

The facilities of elderly care centers have been upgraded, and the elderly with cognitive disorder may enjoy the special care. For old people staying at home, a caring bed will be delivered and regular door-to-door visit will be made by medical staff to each household. With these efforts, all-round meticulous services, ranging from daily to medical service, will be provided for senior citizens. For old people with difficulties, the residential community will install such instruments as door sensor and sleep breathing monitor and provide 24-hour active perpetual guardian at the smart elderly care calling center to ensure timely services. 

Author: Text by Jin Tingting, He Jun, Yang Yong  Editor: Ye Lijiao