Xihu District releases the policy package to promote the high-quality economic development
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-22 17:57   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

As China is pushing forward the high-quality economic development, Xihu District of Hangzhou has rolled out a package of key policies to support the rapid development of key industries, including metaverse industry, digital economy and new manufacturing industry.

This year, Wensan Digital Life Block in Xihu District has attracted many technology fans and metaverse experts as it becomes a model of practice in the in-depth integration of digital economy and real economy in the region.

Xihu District has further rolled out specific supporting policies, granted more subsidies to the block and offered a maximum sum of 5 million to 10 million yuan for the high-level domestic and overseas talents to start up business. In addition, lump-sum allowances have been offered to enterprises with intelligent factories and digital workshops. 

All these policies aim to attract more outstanding talents and enterprises to settle down in Hangzhou and boost the high-quality economic development of the city. 

Author: Text by Huang Ran  Editor: Ye Lijiao