Hangzhou high school cultivates all-round students
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The gold medalist of the National Biology Olympiad was playing piano

Colorful club activities 

The recent news that Wang Junxian, a student of Hangzhou Yuhang High School and the gold medalist of the National Biology Olympiad, was playing piano at the school’s anniversary celebration ceremony has triggered heated discussion. The school has cultivated a large number of versatile students who are not only excellent in study but also have extensive hobbies. Some are good at playing musical instruments like violin and piano, some have keen interest in sports, such as basketball and football and others have developed the habit of evening jogging. 

Attempts has been made to cultivate a versatile student. While employing senior teachers and strengthening faculty, the school also launched various extracurricular activities to develop students’ hobbies. In recent years, a large number of the school’s graduates have been admitted by renowned universities, including Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University.  

Author: Text by Huang Ying  Editor: Ye Lijiao