Overseas talents and projects have more channels to settle down in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-16 18:08   Source: hangzhou.com.cn


The 17th Overseas Elites Hangzhou Projects Match-making Meeting held yesterday witnessed the founding of the Overseas Elites Hangzhou Sci-tech Service Alliance. The alliance will serve overseas elites and build an industry, study, research and financing integrated service platform for innovative sci-tech talents and projects. 

The match-making meeting has solicited more than 150 sci-tech projects for overseas and returned elites, including 7 medical and health projects for diagnosis for tumor metastasis and so on. Overseas elites availed the opportunity to exchange with each other and enter into cooperation. The founding of the association will help to actualize overseas elite projects in Hangzhou and assist Hangzhou in building a domestic advanced talent hub and scientific innovation center.  

Author: Text by Wu Jing Photo by Hangzhou Association for Science and Technology  Editor: Ye Lijiao