Hangzhou projects shortlisted for Zhejiang High-quality Projects
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-14 16:10   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Four Hangzhou projects have recently been shortlisted for Zhejiang High-quality Projects on Integrated Improvement of Land and Ecological Restoration in Rural Areas, and received a total reward of 21 million yuan. 

The four projects are based on Datong Town in Jiande, Yongchang Town in Fuyang, Ningwei Sub-district in Xiaoshan, and Taiyang Town in Lin’an. The improvement of these towns and sub-districts can not only effectively conserve the arable land, but also optimize the spatial layout of the production, living and ecological land in rural areas. While improving industrial output, the projects protect ecology, making a solid step towards common prosperity. 

Author: Text by Liu Yuanyuan Photo by Fang Ligui  Editor: Ye Lijiao