Online training facilitates foreign trade
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-10 16:47   Source: Daily Business

A few days ago, Linping District Bureau of Commerce held foreign trade training in the live stream room for the first time. Over 1,400 audiences from foreign trade enterprises participated in the training, which included initiatives for convenient exit and entry, preferential foreign trade policies, export risks and credit insurance policies, and international logistics. 

During the training, experts suggested enterprises to resort more to ocean shipment than land transportation to minimize the impact by the pandemic. With regard to business trip, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce initiated the construction of the online “overseas smart logistics platform” , where enterprises may submit the demands for chartering business airplane and booking tickets from airlines that provide regular business flights online. 

The training offers solutions for foreign trade companies in difficulty and boosts their confidence in expanding business. 

Author: Text by Zhang Xinyu  Editor: Ye Lijiao