Tonglu fertile soil reused after relocation
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-09 16:41   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Tonglu County of Hangzhou is a mountainous region and is deficient in land resources. In order to protect the arable land, Hangzhou has launched the scenario of “quality-improving reclamation” for the digital management of the reuse of stripped arable soil. 

The project is to strip the high-quality arable soil, relocate them to other places and breathe new life into them. The digital management enables the whole-process online management of the stripping project. 

The scenario maximizes the value of the high-quality arable land, increases the output of farmland and greatly reduces the management time. It is a convenient, efficient and creative approach for the protection of the arable land. 

Author: Text by Wang Zhaoyi  Editor: Ye Lijiao