FLEX 2022 kicks off along Qiantang River
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-27 15:14   Source: City Express

Hangzhou Future Life Expo 2022 (FLEX 2022)will be held on the aerial viewing platform at Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium on November 4-6.

Science and technology will play a leading role in the expo. AR wearable camera attached to glasses, AI poem composing, robot making coffee and other scenarios will be on display at the expo to show the future life shaped by science and technology.

Music talents from all walks of life, including visually impaired musicians who feel the world with their hearts and hoary-haired rock stars, will perform in public on site.

Besides the scientific and technological achievements, HIA will also invite the researchers from the West Lake University and the science advisers of Movie “Moon Man” to interpret AI and future thinking.

FLEX 2022 will surely bring brand-new experience to citizens both physically and spiritually. 

Author: Text by Liang Yingjie  Editor: Ye Lijiao