Sweet-scented osmanthus products fair fuels cultural tourism consumption
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-27 15:11   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Sweet-scented osmanthus flavored products

Attracted by the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus in the golden autumn, citizens and tourists gathered at osmanthus corridor in Manjuelong Village to enjoy osmanthus flavored Longjing tea while rambling through the fair of osmanthus flavored products.

The usual products on display at each fair include osmanthus flavored cakes, tea and lotus root powder. This year, osmanthus flavored aromatherapy, rice wine and vehicle ornaments are among the most popular new products at the fair.

The mesmerizing fragrance of the blooming sweet-scented osmanthus has brought along a business opportunity for the local people and boosted the local tourism economy, which guarantees the inheritance of traditional crafts from one generation to the other, such as osmanthus flavored Longjing tea and sugar. 

Author: Text by Yu Qian Photo by Zhang Zhibing  Editor: Ye Lijiao