Hangzhou launches the "rice-fish symbiosis" pilot program
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-24 16:00   Source: Daily Business

Hangzhou launched the first "rich-fish symbiosis" pilot program by raising Opsariichthys bidens and other river fishes in nearly 350 mu of rice fields in Qiantang District in early August. Through the engineering transformation of rice fields, a rice-fish symbiotic and mutual promotion system was built to substantially increase the comprehensive economic benefits of rice fields.

Opsariichthys bidens was taken as an example. With the price of up to 80 yuan/kg and shorter growth period, Opsariichthys bidens in rice fields proved higher economic benefits. It is estimated that the income of rice fields that raise Opsariichthys bidens will be increased by more than 100,000 yuan this year.

So far, Hangzhou has altogether 68 rice-fish symbiosis bases. The number is still on the rise and more innovative technologies will be introduced. It is planned that by 2025, Hangzhou will produce 50kg aquatic products for every 500kg rice on average, with increased income of over 2,000 yuan per mu on average.

Author: Text by Zhu Guanghan  Editor: Ye Lijiao