"Eye of the City" has taken shape in Qiantang district Photo provided to Hangzhoufeel
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-13 09:06   Source: Hangzhoufeel

From the bank of the Qiantang River to the lakeside of the Jinsha Lake, Jinsha Lake City New Area has taken shape. In this international modern community completed the provincial acceptance of urban style model zone last month.

Known as the "Eye of the City" in the east of Hangzhou, Jinsha Lake City New Area is located at the core area on the Qiantang's Xiasha subdistrict, covering an area of about six square kilometers, with a resident population of about 114,000 people. Diverse public facilities are set up in the new area, including 11 health management centers, 15 elderly service stations, 20 lifelong education platforms and 100 sports facilities.

As the highlight of the project, Jinsha Lake Park, included in Zhejiang Province's High-quality Comprehensive Park program in 2019, is upgraded into an urban comprehensive park containing a golden beach, a culture and art square, a fountain square, and a cruise pier. The 3km greenway around the Jinsha Lake provides the local residents with a peaceful experience to bring nature into commercial offices, leisure& entertainment spaces, and cultural zones.

Designed by China's eminent architect Cheng Taining, Jinsha Lake Grand Theater adheres to the concept of being intensive, intelligent and low-carbon, maximizing the efficiency of energy and building performance. It is a comprehensive art center integrating cultural exchanges, exhibitions, artistic creation and leisure activities.

Author: Zhu Jingning  Editor: Ye Lijiao