Is AI painting an opportunity or a challenge
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-09 17:10   Source: City Express

At the AI Painting Contest held in Hangzhou recently, 50 of several hundred entries stood out for online voting during the National Day Holiday. Creators of the top three works that received the most votes expressed their opinions on AI painting during the interviews. 

Yang Xi from China Academy of Art said that AI painting technology was a good auxiliary tool for designers to put their concepts into the works. A designer from Hangzhou UI indicated that AI painting techniques were inspiring and convenient for the creators and made a good foundation for a secondary creation. For them, AI painting aroused their passion for creation and improved their creation scheme rather than leaving them unemployed. 

However, Mr. Lu, who was engaged in environment protection, had a different view. He sang praise for AI painting as it was easy to learn and was more accessible to ordinary people who want to convert their imaginative texts to images. 

Technological reform brings double-edged impacts, as is evidenced by the above three interviewers who have made the best use of it. AI painting makes it possible to turn texts into images and enables a more convenient and efficient expression of ideas. 

Author: Text by Tong Wei  Editor: Ye Lijiao