Hangzhou ranks the incredible 14th in the Global Innovation Index List
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-30 15:30   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Hangzhou ranks the 14th in the Global Innovation Index List, surpassing London, Los Angels and other developed cities, according to the Global Innovation Index Report 2022 released by the World Intellectual Property Organization on September 29.

The global innovation index represents the top innovation capacity of a country. It measures the scientific and technological output and innovation quality of a cluster based on the number of PCT applications and scientific publications, and is used to represent the regions with the most intensive scientific and technological activities worldwide. Hangzhou has been on the rise in ranking over years, from the 85th in 2017 to the 14th this year, indicating a remarkable effect in the innovative development.

The development of advanced science & technology and the aggregation of high-end talents have contributed to the city’s rapid climbing in the global ranking. 

Author: Text by Wu Jing  Editor: Ye Lijiao