Hangzhou aggregates resources to attract talents
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-29 16:23   Source: Hangzhou Daily

On the Awarding Ceremony of the First Hangzhou Talent Day held yesterday, many distinguished youths, including industry experts and overseas talents, shared the reasons why they chose Hangzhou and their experiences in Hangzhou.

Talent aggregation has been the best evidence of a city’s prosperity. In recent years, the total number of talents in Hangzhou has exceeded 3,000,000. On the one hand, Hangzhou has drawn a large number of leading internet enterprises in the trend of digital reform, and has created sound environment for business operation and attracted talents from around the country and the world with its great potential. On the other hand, Hangzhou values and shows concerns for the talents, and has thus attracted more elites to settle down here and create more values for the city. In this way, Hangzhou has created a virtuous circle where the city attracts more talents, and the talents make more contributions to the urban construction. 

Author: Text by Zhu Yingjie, Mao Zhihao, Zheng Hui  Editor: Ye Lijiao