Hangzhou is all set for the 19th Asian Games
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Today marks one-year countdown to Hangzhou Asian Games. Singers, students and citizens gathered at the top of Gongchen Bridge in Hangzhou Canal Culture Square for the flashmob show to express their expectations for the event.  

“Hangzhou is all set for the Asian Games and strives to stage the grand Asian Games featured by amazing races, diversified cultures and brilliant exchanges,” said Chen Weiqiang, the deputy secretary general of Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee and the deputy mayor of Hangzhou City, in a recent interview.

Save cost to stage the economical event. On the one hand, the team relies on the sponsorship and mobilizes social resources and public participation to reduce expenditure; on the other hand, we stick to the principle of “borrowing preceding over renting, renting instead of purchasing, repairing rather than replacing, and modification but not reconstruction” in the process of the venue and facility construction. Since the completion, the competition venues have been successively open to the public, as a part of the Economical Asian Games. 

Green Asian Games contributes to carbon neutral. Green and energy-conserving materials are used for the construction of venues. Nearby resources are fully utilized in the operation and maintenance of the venues. For example, venues near Qiantang River make full use of the water resources for climate regulation.

Smart Asian Games brings convenience and benefits to the citizens. At present, the Smart Asian Games Pass provides one-stop services, from purchasing ticket, travelling, and watching games to accommodation, food and tourism to meet citizens’ demands for “food, accommodation, travel, tourism, shopping and entertainment”. In addition, AR navigation is accessible for Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre where the road conditions are relatively complicated. Unmanned driving will make it easier for commuting between the Asian Games Village and the main venues of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre. 

Diversified cultures promote international exchange. HAGOC has made various efforts to ensure a spectacular event, diversified cultures and brilliant exchanges. The designs of three mascots of the Asian Games are respectively inspired by Hangzhou West Lake, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City which are the three most representative cultural brands of Hangzhou. Esports and breaking will be officially included in Hangzhou Asian Games. All social circles have launched the Asian Games theme activities and produced the Asian Games theme works with a purpose to promote exchanges and communication. 

“Next, we will strengthen English training for the staff to ensure fluent communication. Also, we will hold competitions to improve the operation and maintenance of the venues and motivate the public’s enthusiasm for the Asian Games,” said Chen Weiqiang.

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Author: Text by Xia Liang Photo by Li Zhong  Editor: Ye Lijiao