Hangzhou to launch 15 trustworthy live streaming rooms to boost economy
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-21 15:52   Source: City Express

Hangzhou has recently taken advantages of live streaming to facilitate rural development. Rural products, including pickled vegetables made by Qiu Mei, natural eggs produced in Jiande, organic fishes from Qiandao Lake, dried sweet potato chips from Lin’an, have been sold all over the country through eight top live streaming rooms. 

The city has promulgated Scheme of Hangzhou for Building Pilot Trustworthy Live Streaming Rooms to set forth the working mechanisms for normalized selection and fostering, dynamic supervision and star rating of trustworthy live streaming rooms. So far, 15 enterprises have been selected as demonstrative points for fostering and experiencing “trustworthy live streaming rooms”.  

Author: Reporter: Wang Qing Correspondent: Zhao Wenqiong  Editor: Li Jiameng