Zhejiang issues the action plan to enhance employment of impaired people
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-20 18:20   Source: Daily Business

To create more high-quality jobs for impaired people in Zhejiang Province, the General Administration Office of Zhejiang Provincial Government has recently printed and issued Action Plan of Zhejiang for Promoting the Employment of Impaired People (2022-2025). By 2025, the number of the impaired workers will be increased by over 50,000, and 5,000 additional public welfare jobs will be created for the impaired in Zhejiang Province; the employment rate of the working age group of the impaired with certificates will be increased to more than 60%; the employment rate of the impaired college graduates with intention for employment will reach 100%; more and more impaired employees will be able to find job and the rights and benefits of the impaired employees will be better guaranteed, according to the Action Plan. 

To this end, Zhejiang Province will support the impaired to start up business, encourage flexible employment of the impaired, mobilize social force to make contributions to the employment of the impaired, secure jobs for the impaired with difficulty in finding jobs by their own, improve the vocational skills of the impaired and innovatively launch integrated reform of employment services for the impaired. 

With regard to the employment of the impaired, the Action Plan sets forth that public institutions shall ensure that the proper proportion of jobs can be offered for the impaired. In addition, no less than 10% of the jobs offered by community public services outlets, such as newsstand, shall be reserved for the impaired with reduced or even free booth rental fee when the condition permits. 

In order to improve the professional skills of the impaired, higher vocational colleges and various social training institutions are encouraged to participate in vocational skill training and communication for the impaired.

Author: Text by Xu Chenghui  Editor: Ye Lijiao