Prosperity goes beyond flying mandarin ducks
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-20 18:18   Source: Hangzhou Daily

“Tourists exclaimed with amazement when they saw three mandarin ducks spreading wings to fly over West Lake,” said Cheng Guolong, the head of Hangzhou West Lake Mandarin Ducks Conservation Volunteers’ Team, with irrepressible excitement in his voice in early September. They are the last brood of mandarin duckling for this year. Though they are migrant bird by nature, they stay in the West Lake in all seasons in recent years. 

The diversified bird variety is indicative of improved ecological environment in Hangzhou. With increased awareness for environmental protection, Hangzhou tourists are now refraining from feeding the mandarin ducks to keep the good environment for them. 

All these changes partly owe to the comprehensive conservation of the West Lake in the past decade. Every day, volunteers and staffs would patrol along the West Lake and patiently dissuade people from conducting uncivil behaviors to enhance tourists awareness for environment protection and encourage them to act up for the protection of the mandarin ducks. 

The improved ecological environment as a result of the continuous protection on the contrary brings benefits to people who care for the environment. “Now, more and more youngsters have joined the elderly in admiring birds at the West Lake,” said Cheng Guolong. Such harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature is worthy of our reflection. 

Author: Text by Wang Ling Photo by Cheng Guolong, Lu Jianli  Editor: Ye Lijiao