Digitization unfolds a new tourism development mode
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-19 18:06   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Hangzhou took the lead to launch the “Top 10 Digital Economy Tourism Destinations” through digital reform in recent years. The characteristic businesses (towns) and economic landmarks of Hangzhou were transformed into digital economy destinations and business tourism routes. Digitalization enables the innovative development of Hangzhou Tourism and promotes the combination of culture and tourism and the development of digital economy. 

As a sub-activity of the National Digital Trade Expo, Hangzhou Digital Economy Tourism International Conference was held in Hangzhou on September 16. The conference aimed to further increase Hangzhou’s international exposure by leveraging the city’s advantages in MICE under the new normal of economy. By referring to Seoul Science and Technology Park and other international industrial tourism parks as the benchmark, the conference shared experiences on digital economy tourism and discussed how to promote the future development of Hangzhou’s cultural tourism based on the characteristics of the city. 

The top 10 digital economy tourism destinations, including Hikvision, Cloud Town, Alibaba, and others with distinctive features and strength, were turned into economic and tourism landmarks of the city. They were incorporated into Hangzhou MICE tourism product system and will soon open up business tourism market. Characteristic towns will become a new breakthrough point. While exchanging ideas, the international conference promoted the various aspects of Hangzhou and boosted Hangzhou’s economic development. 

Author: Text by Zhang Yali  Editor: Ye Lijiao