Live streaming favors access to Hangzhou to the World
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-19 17:59   Source: Daily Business

September 13 was the best time of the year for appreciating tidal bore of Qiantang River. In addition to the on-site viewers, many had immersive experience of the spectacular surging tide through slow live streaming. “Yunshang Hangzhou” Platform synchronized the live streaming to overseas audiences for the first time, attracting about 100,000 netizens to watch the tidal bore online.

Live streaming helped to quench the homesickness of overseas Chinese people. Mr. Ma, who lives in Norway now, said that the most memorable about his hometown (Hangzhou) was the tidal bore of Qiantang River. The live streaming was a comfort to him, as it not only offered a visual feast of the scenery of his hometown, but also appeased his nostalgic feeling.  

Live streaming also enabled the world to see Hangzhou and relish the charm of the city. Digital platform is the fastest and most extensive way of communication. Slow real-time live streaming displayed the surging waves of Qiantang River at four classical spots, including Liuhe Pagoda and Jiangdong Bridge, while it introduced what was “cross bore” like to the audiences. In the future, Yunshang Hangzhou will continue to present the unique beauty and culture of Hangzhou to the domestic and overseas audiences. 

Author: Text by Gu Jiayan  Editor: Ye Lijiao