Hangzhou leads optimized vehicle inspection services
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-16 16:42   Source: Hangzhou Daily

The Transport Administration of the Ministry of Public Security yesterday announced new measures for further reforming and optimizing vehicle inspection services, of which, the modification on vehicle inspection frequency are in sharp focus.

Starting from October 1, China will further optimize the frequency for the inspection of small and mini-sized non-commercial passenger cars and motorcycles. The frequency for online inspection of small and mini-sized non-commercial passenger cars is reduced from three times to twice in the first ten years of service, that is on the 6th and 10th year respectively, and shall be subjected to annual online inspection after 10 years’ service. However, the above mentioned cars and motorcycles shall apply for the mark of conformity to the Public Security Authority once every two years within the first 10 years of service. In addition, the following three types of vehicles shall be subjected to periodic inspections set forth in the original regulations: minivans, vehicles that have ever been punished according to the law for illegal modification and vehicles that have caused injuries and casualties in traffic accidents.

Hangzhou also takes lead in one-stop efficient services in vehicle inspection, where the vehicle owners only have to present the keys to the vehicles, the driver licenses and other relevant certificates to the staff at the entrance of vehicle inspection points and then wait for about half an hour in the lounge for the procedures to be completed.

Author: Text by Xie Ke  Editor: Ye Lijiao