Xiaoshan makes move for waste sorting
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-15 16:47   Source: Hangzhou Daily

As one of the major cities in practising waste sorting in China, Hangzhou has been adopting innovative measures to cope with such problems as failure of some citizens in self-conscious waste sorting at source. Recently, Xiaoshan has launched QR code-based waste sorting to ensure the transition from “precise sorting of biodegradable waste” to “precise collection of full categories of waste”. 

Waste sorting sites in residential quarters in Xiaoshan District have all been equipped with electronic scales for accurate and convenient waste placement for the first time. Citizens may obtain credit points by unpacking and dumping the waste into the dustbins, and then scanning the QR code for weighting, without having to contact the waste. Also, residential quarters launched “all-in-one QR Code” for citizens to obtain credit points through waste sorting. With the credit points, citizens may have convenient access to public garden, bookstore, tool kits and shops. Credit point system arouses citizens’ enthusiasm for waste sorting and helps to save resources, improve people’s degree of satisfaction and create a harmonious community. 

Centered on the intelligent account, relying on the intelligent digital governance, the high-quality QR code-based waste sorting mode, which is featured by source collection of full categories of waste, whole process credit point incentive, complete chain intelligent monitoring and supervision, whole system grassroots governance, all-around publicity and education, and full responsibility implementation matrix, can improve the efficiency of waste sorting. 

Author: Reporter: Jin Tingting  Editor: Ye Lijiao