Hangzhou brace for typhoon as Muifa makes landfall
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-15 16:46   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Impacted by Muifa, the strongest typhoon that landed the coastal areas of Putuo in Zhoushan last night, East Hangzhou, North Lin’an and Northwest Yuhang were hit by heavy rain, torrential rain, and isolated downpour, with maximum northeastern gale scaled 7-9. Various departments of Hangzhou took a series of measures against the typhoon before its arrival.

Sufficient food and vegetables in supermarkets

Firstly, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce relied on 46 major vegetable suppliers and 128 joint liability suppliers to ensure supply of daily necessities, such as meats, eggs, vegetables, rice and oils, at stable price for the whole city, and guarantee smooth supply channels to avoid hoarding by citizens. 

Secondly, all the construction sites in the city were well prepared for the typhoon. As of 5:00 pm yesterday, 408,068 workers on the construction sites throughout the city had been excavated and transferred to nearby schools, gyms and makeshift shelters with supply of foods, water and other daily necessitates. 

As one of “Three Venues for the Asian Games”, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Training Hall was receiving special guests

Makeshift shelters in Qiantang District provided tasty ginger soup for the workers

Thirdly, vehicle owners in need may park vehicles at roadside berths and two large-scale government-invested parking buildings for free. 

Fourthly, for sake of safety, all the primary and secondary schools suspended self-study at night or after-school services. Some metros have been prepared for immediate response to the typhoon at any time.

Author: Reporter: Yang Yiwei, Wang Lili  Editor: Ye Lijiao