Happiness defines Canal greenway
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-14 16:13   Source: Hangzhou Daily

In recent years, efforts have been made to build one 29km-long greenway along Linping Section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. The greenway links up Chongxian Sub-district, Tangqi Town, Donghu Sub-district and Yunhe Sub-district, and is known as green ecological waterfront corridor along the Grand Canal (Linping Section). Focused on the themes of “rustic charm, health, common prosperity and intelligence”, six parks with local characteristics have been built along the greenway.

One of the characteristics of the greenway is rustic charm. There are large patches of paddy fields in Shuangqiao Village of Yunhe Sub-district; extensive stretch of loquat forest in Tangqi Town, and vast expanse of arrowhead (a kind of water plant), in Chongxian Sub-district.... all show the beautiful scenery typical of water town in the south of the lower reach of the Yangtze River.

Three major embedded sports facilities and multiple sports venues with basketball courts and roller skating fields for children are arranged along the greenway for the benefit of people’s body building and physical exercise.

The greenway, which strings the different agriculture and cultural tourism routes, is also a road to common prosperity. Villages along the greenway provide characteristic cultural tour experiences to promote the integration of agriculture and cultural tourism and contribute to common prosperity.

In addition, the greenway is distinguished for the smart elements, including smart parking lot, smart guidance for public bicycle rental, smart map of sports parks and smart lightening project along the greenway.

While conserving and carrying on the canal culture, the greenway brings convenience and happiness to people and helps cities along the way to realize common prosperity. 

Author: Reporter: Wang Xiaqin  Editor: Ye Lijiao