Hangzhou surges with inbound tourists at the Mid-autumn Festival
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-13 17:04   Source: Hangzhou Daily

This year’s Mid-autumn Festival witnessed diversified activities that combined elegant Song culture with fashion trend. It attracted about 2,017,000 inbound tourists, with an increase of 11.6% year on year. The holiday saw a minor peak of passenger flow in downtown Hangzhou, suburban scenic areas, and countryside, with excursion to peripheral region remaining the main choice. Hangzhou Songcheng and other popular scenic areas were overcrowded, while the rural area, such as Huanggongwang Village, also saw a surge of tourists.

Lantern Carnival integrated the trend fair and the folklore activities. Tourists may leisurely appreciate the moon while taking a pleasure boat on the West Lake, or observe the stars at a campsite for a different experience. All these activities enabled tourists and local citizens to enjoy a happy mid-autumn festival. 

Despite repeated pandemic outbreaks, the tourist department reassured the tourists by strictly limiting the number of tourists for different time intervals through the reservation system, and by rating the maximum capacity and the maximum instantaneous tourist flow of the scenic areas in a scientific way. 

Author: Reporter: Zhang Yali  Editor: Ye Lijiao