Hangzhou leads China to issue the infant caring facility-related policy
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-08 15:27   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Since the implementation of the policy that allows each family to give birth to a maximum of 3 children, the caring services for infants of less than 3 years old have become a challenge for many families. To this end, Measures of Hangzhou for Building Infant Caring and Service Facilities, the first policy of its kind adopted in China, was released in Hangzhou on September 2 and will be officially implemented on October 3. The policy provides detailed requirements on the planning, construction, delivery, use and management of the houses with infant caring service and facilities in the newly-built residential quarters, existing residential quarters and industrial parks.

The policy sets forth the minimum coverage of infant caring and service facilities for different residential quarters. The average floor area of each child shall be no less than the minimum requirements of each residential quarter. The maximum enrollment of each kindergarten or service institution shall not exceed 150 children or 10 classes. The policy also specifies the requirements on the protective facilities to ensure the safety and healthcare facilities (such as classroom natural lighting and nursing care).

The policy aims to reassure the family’s concern about children’s care and encourage families to give birth to more healthy children by improving the services. 

Author: Reporter: Chai Yueying  Editor: Ye Lijiao