Hangzhou tops China in the top 500 private enterprises for consecutive 20 years
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-08 15:26   Source: Daily Business

Forty-one Hangzhou-based private enterprises were included in the list of China Top 500 Private Enterprises 2022 released on September 7, making Hangzhou top the country in term of number of China top 500 private enterprises for the 20th consecutive year. With business revenue of 951.6 billion yuan, JD Group topped the list for the first time, followed by Hangzhou Alibaba (China) with business revenue of 836.4 billion yuan. Hangzhou Rongsheng Holding Group and Geely Holding ranked the 10th and 12th respectively. 

The ranking is not just a list of business revenue, but also serves as a bargain chip to attract talents. The number of jobs offered by the top 10 Hangzhou-based private enterprises ranges from more than 20,000 to nearly 130,000, which is critical to the growth of the city as well as the enterprises. 

A total of 27 and 11 Hangzhou-based enterprises are enlisted in China Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises 2022 and China Top 100 Private Service Enterprises 2022 released simultaneously. 

Author: Reporter: Luo Yisha  Editor: Ye Lijiao