To say it’s beautiful is an understatement
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-08 15:24   Source: Hangzhou Daily

With the coverage of 12,500 square meters, the roof light of the station building of Hangzhouxi Railway Station has been lit up at nightfall lately. Seen from above, it is like a bright pearl embellishing the night of West Hangzhou. While the skylight is not uncommon, such unique design is rare. Actually, it is an epitome of the city’s image as well as a necessary functional design of the railway station.

The railway station is a hub to link up cities. The skylight design of Hangzhouxi Railway Station simulates the gaps between clouds and links up four cloud-shaped roofs. The design, imbued with modern technologies, perfectly expresses the functions of city and station. Walking inside the station building, tourists may feel as if they are roaming in clouds as they are basking in the ever-changing sunlight penetrating through the skylight.

The fantastic design also makes it easy for the passengers to locate the station center and ensure efficient diversion of tourists. Passengers going to the waiting room by way of urban corridor, whether by Yungu from east-westward direction or by the complex from the south-northern direction, will end up at the center of the station building with the design of skylight.

Also, the skylight introduces sufficient natural light to the building. While saving energy, it also serves as natural connection between natural light and artificial light. 

Author: Reporter: Zhang Yi  Editor: Ye Lijiao