ZJU Huajiachi becomes the new home for mandarin ducks in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-08-05 16:35   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

Mandarin ducks appeared in Huajiachi Campus of Zhejiang University on August 4. Under the constant observation and protection by the members of Hangzhou Society for Bird Protection, two ducklings brooded in Huajiachi Lake that were nearly 60 days old have successfully learned to fly recently. This is the first successful case of mandarin duck breeding recorded in the urban areas other than the West Lake water area in Hangzhou. 

According to the report, the members of Hangzhou Society for Bird Protection noticed six ducklings being brooded at Huajiachi Lake last June. Since the brooding of six ducklings, they have observed & recorded the related information and dissuaded people from casting foods to them by the lake every morning and evening and shared their observations with the volunteers in charge of the West Lake mandarin ducks, with a hope that there will be more mandarin ducks in the urban areas of Hangzhou in the future. 

Author: Reporter: Wang Xiaoyu Correspondent: Xu Fen, Fang Lingya   Editor: Li Jiameng