Hangzhouxi Station as the key supporting project of Hangzhou Asian Games has been basically completed
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-08-05 12:04   Source: hangzhou2022.cn


After more than two years of construction, as the key supporting project of Hangzhou Asian Games, Hangzhouxi Station with a total investment of 7.2 billion yuan has been basically completed, and it will be put into operation soon. At present, Hangzhouxi Station is undergoing the final closing & acceptance work, ready for operation in late August.


Hangzhouxi Station is located in Cangqian Sub-district, Yuhang District. The total construction area of the station buildings and the comprehensive supporting facilities in the station area is about 510,000 square meters, equivalent to over 70 standard football fields. Among them, the construction of the station buildings adopts the concept of "Green Planning", "Green Design" and "Green Construction", which echoes the concept of "Zero-carbon Hosting" of Hangzhou Asian Games.


After Hangzhouxi Station is completed and put into operation, it will light up the railway traffic network in West and North Zhejiang, and become the third largest gateway transportation hub of Hangzhou in addition to Hangzhoudong Station and Xiaoshan Airport, promoting the comprehensive traffic level of West Hangzhou, convenient for the railway travel of residents in West Hangzhou.

Author: Reporter: Fang Jianfei Correspondent: Zhou Rui, Zhu Yifei  Editor: Li Jiameng