Hangzhou builds the household waste sorting and management service platform
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-08-04 16:15   Source: Hangzhou Daily

A waste truck equipped with an automatic weighing system collected and transported 1.7t waste, including 60 barrels of other waste and 14 barrels of biodegradable waste, in Qiantangfu Residential Area of Shangcheng District on the morning of August 1. Immediately after the weighing, the data will be uploaded to the digital & intelligent household waste management platform of Hangzhou. The platform carries out the whole-chain supervision for household waste, involving waste source dumping, sorting & collecting, mid-end delivery, and terminal disposal; it also collects the whole-process data of various types of waste. The platform is oriented to the various participants of waste sorting, including individuals, enterprises and governments, to build a convenient management and service carrier and increase the degree of involvement of all parties in the waste sorting.

Author: Reporter: Ren Yan Correspondent: Yang Chao, Shao Jinwei  Editor: Li Jiameng