The 9th International E-business Expo Hangzhou China is held today
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-08-03 15:44   Source: Hangzhou Daily


The opening ceremony of EBE China · 9th International E-business Expo Hangzhou China is solemnized in Hangzhou International Expo Center today. With the theme of "new e-commerce, new pattern and new advantages", the expo aims to focus on the current trend of e-commerce industry, display the latest achievements of e-commerce innovation and promote the high-quality development of e-commerce industry.


The expo sets up the new e-commerce trend exhibition section and cooperates with four industrial leading enterprises, namely, Alibaba, China Unicom, Zhejiang Huawei and Fengyuzhu, to interpret the brands by means of graphics and videos and through interesting sci-tech interactions. For instance, Huawei creates Cyberverse "Metaverse" to unleash the potential of the digital economy.

Author: Reporter: Ding Ziyi  Editor: Li Jiameng