Hangzhou ranks the first in takeout food consumption in hotels this summer
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-08-02 15:20   Source: Hangzhou Daily

As a result of peak tourist season coupled with high temperature, the takeout order in hotels has become a popular way of spending the holiday for many tourists. According to the relevant report, the quantity of takeout orders from hotels in Hangzhou has increased by 40 percent month on month since the Summer Solstice, ranking the first among furnace cities in China. Of the top 10 CBDs in term of quantity of takeout orders, Hubin CBD ranks the first and third in Hangzhou and China respectively.

According to the report, coffee, cheese grape drink, iron plate fried rice with seafood, pork fillets with sweet and sour sauce, and lemonade are the top five most popular foods among tourists. The average price per takeout order by the non-local tourists was about 10 percent higher than that of the local consumers.

Author: Reporter: Zhuang Zhengyue  Editor: Li Jiameng