Four night cultural tourism consumption clusters offered 42 night tour programs
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-08-01 14:43   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Bustling Night Life of Hangzhou - Hangzhou Night Cultural Tourism Consumption Clusters Promotional Night Tour Activity was launched on July 28. As a key part of "Hangzhou Culture and Tourism Consumption Season 2022" series activities held this summer, four night cultural tourism consumption clusters, namely Hangzhou New World Dynamic Block, Hangzhou Songcheng, Qinghefang Cultural Block, and Xingguang Avenue Culture & Art Characteristic Block, offered 42 night tour programs, including electronic music festival, punk light show, electronic music and water splashing carnival, Song culture experience, juvenile HIBL and immersive performance, to display a new pattern of night tour integrated by culture, business and tourism. 

Author: Reporter: Zhang Yali  Editor: Li Jiameng