Black drongo hunting in the air
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-08-01 14:20   Source: Tianmu News

Some black drongoes were recently spotted hunting in the air at the wetland in Yuhang of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

Black drongo is a small Asian passerine bird of the drongo family. It is a glossy black bird with a distinctive forked tail and measures about 30 cm in length. It is common in open agricultural areas and light forests.

The species is known for its aggressive behavior towards much larger birds, such as crows, never hesitating to attack any bird that invades its territory. This behavior earns it the informal name of king crow.

They fly with strong flaps of the wing and are capable of fast manoeuvers that enable them to capture flying insects.

They feed mainly on insects such as grasshoppers, wasps, bees, ants, beetles and dragonflies.

Author: Reporter Huang Wangqiao  Editor: Li Jiameng