After the Southeast Asian Games The Vietnam Olympic Committee looks forward to the Hangzhou Asian Games
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In late May, the 31st Southeast Asian Games came to a close in Hanoi, Vietnam. Although it was also postponed due to the pandemic, such a multi-sport event held in Hanoi is still worth remembering.


Nguyen Hoang Vu, NOC Relations Manager of the 31st SEA Games Organizing Committee(VIESGOC), said in an exclusive interview with Hangzhou 2022 that it was a hasty but successful event. Here are their expectations for the Hangzhou Asian Games!


About the pandemic: Safety is a prerequisite for hosting the Games

"With the COVID-19 Pandemic still a threat to our society then, VIESGOC had to take extra measures to make sure the safety of all participants (kernel acid testing, vaccination, countermeasure protocol and setting up medical facilities/personnel to work during games time). We did postpone the Games once, and it gave us some more time to prepare. After the creation of Games timeline, we followed it and asked NOCs to provide their Entry by Number, information on our online Accreditation system, Entry by Name, Accommodation Booking and Arrival&Departure and so on. However, with little time to prepare as Vietnam and other countries were hit by another wave of COVID-19, we had to rush some aspects of the preparation but in the end we did organize a successful events."


About sports: Glory is the driving force of competition

"SEA Games for Vietnam is a big milestone in the development of our sports movement. With all the achievements, the medals and records, they will act as a big momentum for our young athletes, pushing them further in the coming Games, especially the Asian Games as they will compete against Asia's best athletes," Nguyen Hoang Vu says.

About the Hangzhou Asian Games: A delegation of 690 people are coming

"During the 31st SEA Games, we all learnt of the Asian Games postponement. We sympathized with HAGOC as VIESGOC also had to postpone the Games to make sure the safety of all participants. Hosting the Games in the pandemic is not an easy task, however we all believe HAGOC will perform its missions with excellence. We are pleased to have the chance to meet and work with your coordinators and without them we would face tremendous difficulties. Vietnam Sports Delegation based on the latest ETS sent to HAGOC, is expected to bring 690 people, competing in 27 sports."


"We hope with the guidance from OCA and HAGOC executives, the Games will be a great success and we're looking forward to be there to experience the atmosphere of Hangzhou and its amazing people. "

Author:   Editor: Li Jiameng