The Sixth Global Cross-border E-commerce Summit was held in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-07-29 16:01   Source: Hangzhou Daily

With the theme of "Surging Qiantang Tide & Digital Silk Road", the Sixth Global Cross-border E-commerce Summit was held in Hangzhou on July 28. A number of renowned cross-border e-commerce platforms and overseas brands, including Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and Google, as well as more than 50 distinguished guests, attended the summit to share their opinions. Yi Xiaozhun, the former deputy director general of WTO, former Chinese ambassador to WTO and former deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce, delivered a keynote speech titled Development of Digital Economy Calls for Global E-commerce Rules.  

At the summit, China Comprehensive Pilot Zone signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Alibaba overseas digital business sector and Cainiao Network respectively to further improve digitized layout of Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce overseas. The summit also witnessed the nameplate unveiling of the Global Cross-border E-commerce Brand Research Center, Global Cross-border E-commerce Brand and Design Innovation Center and Global Cross-border E-commerce Brand Operation Center. 

Author: Reporter: Liu Wei Correspondent: Yang Yue  Editor: Li Jiameng