Hangzhou cross-border trade facilitation sees steady progress
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-07-22 12:10   Source: www.ehangzhou.gov.cn

By working out targeted solutions for issues faced by local enterprises, Hangzhou Customs is keen on improving the local business environment and witnessing continuous improvement in cross-border trade facilitation, Hangzhou Daily reported.

After automatic declaration by the system and automatic pick-up by industrial robots, a batch of integrated circuit gadgets worth 4.55 million yuan ($673,400) were delivered from the bonded warehouse of Dahua Technology's Future Factory on July 12.

In less than 15 minutes, the materials were sent to Dahua's production line of smart security products for enterprises. And several kilometers away, officers from Qianjiang Customs were busy monitoring the whole process through the bonded intelligent supervision platform.

Dahua's Future Factory was one of the first 12 future factories authorized in Zhejiang province. Due to an overseas COVID-19 resurgence, the factory urgently needed to optimize its import supply chain.

Qianjiang Customs hence turned Dahua into a pilot zone to build a digital intelligent bonded warehouse and a supportive supply chain management platform, guiding it to gradually establish and restore its supply chains through a bonded logistics model.

"As our imported production materials were formerly placed in the public bonded warehouse near the factory, it used to take us one to two days to declare the materials and then transport them to the production line," said Zhu Jiantang, vice-president of Dahua Technology. "Thanks to the digital intelligent bonded warehouse in our factory, the whole process can now be shortened to just several minutes."

Zhu said that the supportive supply chain management platform can help the factory realize automatic and intelligent customs declaration by reducing the labor workload and customs clearance mistakes and helping the enterprise save more than 6 million yuan per year.

Author:   Editor: Li Jiameng