Hangzhou commenced construction of a number of key projects, with a total investment of 108.3 billion yuan
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-29 15:47   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Project Design Sketch of Hangqian Intelligent Manufacturing Center

Project Design Sketch of Hydrogen Energy Distributed Power Generation System of Runfeng Group

On June 28, Zhejiang Province held the ceremony celebrating the commencement of Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant Project (Phase II) and the centralized commencement of a number of key projects to ensure steady and high-quality economic development of the province. With a total investment of up to 108.3 billion yuan, Hangzhou had 78 key projects participating in the current centralized commencement of project construction, ranking the first in both the number of projects and the total investment. 

One major industrial project makes a new growth point, while a number of key industrial projects make a new growth pole. With a total investment of 43.3 billion yuan, Hangzhou arranged 37 key industrial projects in the activity to promote high quality economic development of the city. 

Author: Reporter: Liu Jinyang Correspondent:Wu shi Xuanwei, Zhou Haonan  Editor: Li Jiameng