Distribution of national science and technology business incubators in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-24 15:37   Source: City Express

The Ministry of Science and Technology has recently announced the List of National Science and Technology Business Incubators 2021, including 14 in Zhejiang and 9 in Hangzhou. Of all the 109 national technology business incubators in Zhejiang, 57 are in Hangzhou, accounting for more than a half.

Hangzhou's national science and technology business incubators are currently distributed in the following districts: 14 in the High-tech Zone (Binjiang), 8 in Yuhang District, 6 in Shangcheng District, 6 in Xihu District, 5 in Gongshu District, 5 in Xiaoshan District, 3 in Linping District, 5 in Qiantang District, 3 in Lin'an District, 1 in Fuyang District, and 1 in Tonglu County.

By the end of 2021, Hangzhou's science and technology business incubators and maker spaces have a total coverage of 5 million square meters, and have incubated a total of 32,610 sci-tech enterprises.

Author: Reporter: Lin Jian’an Correspondent: Zeng Weiqi Drawn by Li Qianfang  Editor: Li Jiameng