The Grand Canal conveyed China's voice to the world again at the eighth anniversary of its acceptance as a world heritage
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-23 15:25   Source:Hangzhou.com.cn, Hangzhou Network Media App

On June 22 which marked the eighth anniversary of the Grand Canal being accepted as a world heritage, "Voice of Grand Canal" New Era Theoretical Propaganda Show & Inauguration Ceremony of Gongshu District Grand Canal International Communication and Exchange Center was held along the Grand Canal. 

On the site, "Voice of Grand Canal" Propaganda Group introduced the vicissitude and development of the Grand Canal. Bridges over the Grand Canal, a series of cultural videos with subtitles in both Chinese and English, was also presented. Starting with stories about bridges over the Grand Canal, the protagonist of the film narrates the life and voices of people of different occupations and life experiences. "@ The Grand Canal", the main account of overseas social media of the Grand Canal International Communication and Exchange Center, was officially released on the ceremony to facilitate spreading of Grand Canal Culture to the world. 

Author:Reporter: Yan Yuting Correspondent: Xu Yilin, Li Yuzhen, Liu Jingchun  Editor:Li Jiameng