Hey, I am making an App to provide language assistance
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-23 10:11   Source:City Express Hangzhoufeel

I'm a post-PhD researcher on computer science from Algeria. I have lived in Zhejiang Province, China for more than five years and I'm coming to Hangzhou soon.

Since I was a teenager, I always dreamed of traveling around the world to discover different cultures and ways of life. My academic research led me to China, where I pursued my doctoral degree.

The life of a post-PhD researcher can be lonely at certain times. And the everyday routine of long hours at an office desk can easily push you to both physical and mental limits. Thus it is particularly important to find the right balance between my professional life and social life as well as spiritual life.

I enjoyed traveling around beautiful Zhejiang, as well as connecting with others.

With the help of some local friends, I am developing a creative mobile App, called XiaoYi. It started from a personal healthcare need three years ago when a back injury caused me to repeatedly seek medical help. And due to the fact that my Chinese was not so good, I finally came up with an idea to develop a mobile application that provides language assistance through online human live audio/video calls. This service can also be provided to the Chinese living in foreign countries. For example, Algeria has the highest number of Chinese, and there is a clear need for language assistance.

During the five years I live in Zhejiang, many Chinese have helped me in so many ways. I do hope this App will help when they stay in foreign countries.

The client can specify through the App the time and language proficiency that he desires. The platform will be responsible for finding an interpreter that meets the client's requirements.

It can be available much faster on demand and can be served anywhere accessible to a stable network.

I'm so excited with developing the App, and it will be launched in September 2022 as it now enters the internal testing stage. I think this is just the beginning of my journey. I would very much like to explore more about it.

Author:Khodja Abderraouf  Editor:Li Jiameng