Robot chef spotted dominating in kitchen
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-23 09:46   Source:City Express Hangzhoufeel

Can robots cook as well as chefs? Located in Wensan Digital Life Block, the first robot restaurant in Xihu District has been started running since June 6. There can you see through glass the whole process of robot chef cooking.

The robot chef is made up of an intelligent system and three electromagnetic ranges. One of the robot arms reaches and measures ingredients and seasonings from the kitchen shelves to the pot. With all robot arms working together, the robot chef is able to cook various dishes, such as scrambled eggs with scallions, Mapo Tofu, griddled tea tree mushrooms, crispy pork intestines, etc.

The average cooking time for each dish is less than three minutes, and simple courses such as sautéed green vegetable can be finished in only one minute with a price of 6 yuan. A complicated dish such as sautéed bullfrog with pickled peppers costs 38 yuan.

Some customers commented that the dishes cooked by the robots were unbelievable. While a professional chef has been invited to decide the proportion of ingredients and seasonings, the accuracy of the robot in following his instructions also guarantees the fantastic flavor. The restaurant manager said that new cuisines will be added to the menu according to customers' needs in different seasons.

The restaurant is open from 10 am to 9 pm. On the second day of its soft opening, the 110-square-meter restaurant with 40 seats was almost full. So the manager plans to install more robot chefs.

Author:By Yang Nan  Editor:Li Jiameng