Metro Line 3 greatly benefits commuters
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-23 09:46   Source:City Express Hangzhoufeel

Hangzhou Metro Line 3 started running on June 9, connecting several residential communities along Tianmushan Road to Daguan, Dingqiao and Xingqiao areas, bringing conveniences to thousands of residents commuting along the route.

In addition, the completion of Metro Line 3 also builds up a link between the Hangzhou transportation hubs, namely, the West Railway Station and West Distribution Center, to alleviate traffic congestion and boost tourism.

Ms. Zhou, who lives in Dingqiao, used to set out for work at 7:30 am every morning. She had to change bus 285 to bus B1, spending at least an hour or so on the way to work. After Metro Line 3 is put into use, it takes her about 45 minutes during the rush hour.

In the past, as there was no metro access to Tianmushan Road, most residents took buses or drove their own cars. Therefore, bus 193, the only bus running from downtown Hangzhou to Tianmushan Road and Xiaoheshan Road, was extremely crowded in rush hours.

After the opening of the second phase of Line 3, people living in the Huanglong area may take the metro at Huanglongdong station and Huanglong Sports Center station. Students from Zhejiang University of Technology may take the metro at Pingfeng Station and Xiaoheshan Station and go directly to the city center.

Meanwhile, there are shopping malls and scenic spots along Line 3, including OōEli and Xixi Incity. The West Lake, the Xixi National Wetland Park and Shuangxi scenic spots are also along the line. This is a new and better access for tourists.

At present, there are four stations on Hangzhou Metro Line 3 that lead to the Xixi National Wetland Park, namely, Dongyue, Xixi Wetland south, Hongyuan and Huawu stations.

Author:By Chen Yiming  Editor:Li Jiameng